How to get a Quick Loan against Machinery and Heavy Equipment

Are you looking forward to get a quick loan against your machinery and heavy equipment? TAB Capital Limited has outlined the basics to help you get started with the machinery and equipment Re-financing methods. Often, business setups undergo extreme financial struggles in spite of retaining well-maintained machinery and heavy equipment. In such a scenario, business owners can use old machinery as collateral to obtain Loan to purchase new machinery, which is based on the value of the equipment.

Let us list down the easy steps to get a quick Machinery loan.

·         Talk to the experts – If you are unsure about the pathways that’ll help you finance or refinance your machinery, the best decision would be to talk to the experts. They can give you a deeper insight of the entire process and help you make the right decision. You current situation and goals shall be identified by them. Progression becomes a simpler process that way.
·         Apply online – When traditional lenders are still hooked on to procuring documents and verifying them manually, TAB Capital limited believes in digitalization. Online application is a seamless process that can help you take down the list of machinery or real estate assets that you would like to use as collateral. You may also provide additional descriptions that you consider as relevant information. TAB Capital takes into note all the minute details of your business financing need and thereafter decides whether it needs further inspection or not.
·         Do an asset valuation – The type and value of the machinery or heavy equipment is reviewed. Based on the same, the loan amount is sanctioned.
·         Sign the loan terms – Once the asset valuation is completed, terms and conditions are set clearly which are agreed upon by both parties. Simultaneously, loan documents are prepared and sent to all the parties for signage.
·         Follow up with the team – From the time, the loan documents are signed and the equipment financing procedure is approved, follow up with the lenders to understand the current progress of the loan disbursal. Stay in close communication with them so that you keep track of the estimate of the project. TAB Capital Limited typically disburses a loan amount in 2 days’ post verification.

TAB Capital Limited provides Refinance against all kinds of your machinery or heavy equipment.

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